Keeping Your Home Free of Mice and Other Rodents

Mice and other rodents have always been a constant headache for homeowners. As we approach the summer months, expect their population to rise even further due to the abundance of food such as grains and fruits that are available to them. Mice and rodents are not only a health hazard; they can also cause electrical fires as they are known to gnaw cables. Here is how to keep them out of your home.

Ensure your house is spic-and-span

The idea is to make your home as uninviting to rodents as you possibly can. Mice and rats love places which have good smells, good tastes and of course, lots of hideouts. The first step therefore is to clean the house thoroughly. All the food should be kept in sealable containers and closed tight. Do your best to get rid of debris and clutter and to keep everything well organized. If the rodents can’t smell anything attractive, they are less likely to venture in.

Seal your house

The next step is to ensure that the mice and rodents have no way of accessing your home. Inspect your house and look for loopholes that might allow them in. A simple technique is to take a pencil and slip it through any gaps such as under the door. If a pencil can slip in, so can a mouse. They have this uncanny ability of flattening their rib cages and squeezing through the tiniest of spaces. While they are mostly nocturnal and highly unlikely to enter the house during the day, a lack of food and shelter can force them to take the risk of sneaking into your home during daytime. Keep all the doors and windows closed at all times if it is possible. Use a draft excluder to seal gaps under doors.

Baits and traps

Despite your best efforts, it is still impossible to be 100% proofed against mice and rodents, so set baits and traps NOW. In case they get in the house through some other means that you didn’t uncover during your inspection, the baits and traps will be waiting for them. Rodent baits usually contain anti-coagulant which kills them. However, some of these poisons may last longer in the dead mice posing a risk to any animal which might scavenge on them.

The advantage of traps is that they have no toxins which makes them safe around pets. When positioned wisely, they can be effective in reducing the menace of rodents in the home.

Follow these easy guidelines and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are not sharing your house with mice and rats.

Selecting The Right Flooring For Your Kitchen

Any homeowner will feel proud of a good looking kitchen. The kitchen being the nerve center of the home ought to be made of a floor that is pleasing and easy to clean not to mention the rise home value. There are numerous flooring materials available in the market and any homeowner ought to make wise decisions before picking on one. The flooring materials can go a long way in impressing your friends and neighbors as well as heightening your home value if you are looking forward to selling it or even making it pleasant place to live in. the following are some of the fantastic flooring options you can choose from.

Hardwood flooring

The hardwood kitchen floors provide a sense of beauty and luxury to your home not to mention the old fashioned elegance that it comes with. When picking these flooring however, it is important to consider the weather of your locality as when it’s too humid the wood can wrap and crack when it is too dry. With a hardwood floor always ensure its dry to eliminate the warping and remember to vacuum clean it every week and furnish it often to maintain its elegance.

Vinyl panels

You can as well opt for the vinyl panels. Though they don’t look as fancy as the wood tiles, they are very easy to take care of and generally very affordable. All you need to do is avoid moving furniture on your kitchen floor.


Finally you can go for tile flooring. They are classy and very durable and easy to replace when need be. They are easily available from the local stores and increase the value of the home drastically. As you choose the kitchen flooring for your home, remember this is a more personal choice as you will need to look t your budget, lifestyle and class before picking one.

Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

In every kitchen, your cabinets will definitely speak for who you are. These part of your home reflects your discriminating taste and gives a higher value for your property. So in every aspect, just like in any part of your home, your good judgement is particularly needed.

You can either have your kitchen cabinets customized or not. The only limit for your decision is actually your budget. Generally, if the cost in having a custom-built cabinetry is not an issue, most homeowners would prefer to have these kitchen storage customized.

To give you a better idea in choosing the type of cabinets for your kitchen, here are few pointers to consider:

1. Prefabricated produced storage closets are usually made from particle boards (a combination of glue and sawdust) that is why most of them are easily indented or torn out with just a small pressure on its hinges. Also after few years of using them, these cabinets sag easily due to pressure caused by the weight of the things stored in them. Personalized cabinets are usually made from solid plywood.

2. In terms of installation, pre-produced cabinets are easier to install and usually does not need experts. All you have to do is to buy them, bring them home then put them where you want them. The only problem is, what if your house is not perfect? The wall is not straight or you bought a cabinet that is not fitted in a not-so-squared corner? Cabinet makers will always make your owned cabinet designs in those house imperfections.

3. Self-designed cabinets usually lasts longer and looks new for a longer period of time since you have all the options on its finishing (the coating of the wood surface). This consideration is important if you opt to sell your house in the future.

In the end, always keep in mind that whatever your choice is, both have their own pros and cons. So, choose whichever fits your taste and budget.