Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

In every kitchen, your cabinets will definitely speak for who you are. These part of your home reflects your discriminating taste and gives a higher value for your property. So in every aspect, just like in any part of your home, your good judgement is particularly needed.

You can either have your kitchen cabinets customized or not. The only limit for your decision is actually your budget. Generally, if the cost in having a custom-built cabinetry is not an issue, most homeowners would prefer to have these kitchen storage customized.

To give you a better idea in choosing the type of cabinets for your kitchen, here are few pointers to consider:

1. Prefabricated produced storage closets are usually made from particle boards (a combination of glue and sawdust) that is why most of them are easily indented or torn out with just a small pressure on its hinges. Also after few years of using them, these cabinets sag easily due to pressure caused by the weight of the things stored in them. Personalized cabinets are usually made from solid plywood.

2. In terms of installation, pre-produced cabinets are easier to install and usually does not need experts. All you have to do is to buy them, bring them home then put them where you want them. The only problem is, what if your house is not perfect? The wall is not straight or you bought a cabinet that is not fitted in a not-so-squared corner? Cabinet makers will always make your owned cabinet designs in those house imperfections.

3. Self-designed cabinets usually lasts longer and looks new for a longer period of time since you have all the options on its finishing (the coating of the wood surface). This consideration is important if you opt to sell your house in the future.

In the end, always keep in mind that whatever your choice is, both have their own pros and cons. So, choose whichever fits your taste and budget.