Keeping Your Home Free of Mice and Other Rodents

Mice and other rodents have always been a constant headache for homeowners. As we approach the summer months, expect their population to rise even further due to the abundance of food such as grains and fruits that are available to them. Mice and rodents are not only a health hazard; they can also cause electrical fires as they are known to gnaw cables. Here is how to keep them out of your home.

Ensure your house is spic-and-span

The idea is to make your home as uninviting to rodents as you possibly can. Mice and rats love places which have good smells, good tastes and of course, lots of hideouts. The first step therefore is to clean the house thoroughly. All the food should be kept in sealable containers and closed tight. Do your best to get rid of debris and clutter and to keep everything well organized. If the rodents can’t smell anything attractive, they are less likely to venture in.

Seal your house

The next step is to ensure that the mice and rodents have no way of accessing your home. Inspect your house and look for loopholes that might allow them in. A simple technique is to take a pencil and slip it through any gaps such as under the door. If a pencil can slip in, so can a mouse. They have this uncanny ability of flattening their rib cages and squeezing through the tiniest of spaces. While they are mostly nocturnal and highly unlikely to enter the house during the day, a lack of food and shelter can force them to take the risk of sneaking into your home during daytime. Keep all the doors and windows closed at all times if it is possible. Use a draft excluder to seal gaps under doors.

Baits and traps

Despite your best efforts, it is still impossible to be 100% proofed against mice and rodents, so set baits and traps NOW. In case they get in the house through some other means that you didn’t uncover during your inspection, the baits and traps will be waiting for them. Rodent baits usually contain anti-coagulant which kills them. However, some of these poisons may last longer in the dead mice posing a risk to any animal which might scavenge on them.

The advantage of traps is that they have no toxins which makes them safe around pets. When positioned wisely, they can be effective in reducing the menace of rodents in the home.

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